Omega-3 For Healthy Lifestyles

Five fish that contain good Omega-3 for a healthy diet.

How can Omega-3 (Fish Oil) Help Your Workout Goals?

Many athletes and those committed to their workouts take dietary supplements to improve their performance. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential because we as humans cannot make them. So we need to supplement our diets. Fish oils provide Omega-3 fatty acids and when taking them you gain health benefits as well as performance effects. Omega-3 is linked to increasing muscle growth, improving strength and physical performance, reducing muscle damage and soreness, strengthening bones and improving heart and lung functions. The benefits are MANY!

Did You Know?

Tilapia and catfish are not as good a source of Omega-3 as other fish. In fact, they are actually much higher in Omega-6, which is in corn, soybean, safflower, and other oils. Our Personal Fitness Trainers can help you learn more about healthy foods that will enhance your fitness goals. Join Today!
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