Krysty Hovell’s Giant Fitness Success Story

My name is Krystyna Hovell and i am a proud, and happy member of Giant Fitness. I have had a membership with Giant Fitness since i was 14 years old! Hard to say but i used to HATE going to the gym. My mom forced me because I was gaining weight like crazy during the summer time. I would go to the gym not really do much, until I started training sessions. (My mom made me do this too so she knew i was actually working out).

Anywho! When i started training sessions with the trainer, I started to see wow, I’m making progress. It was such a good feeling to know that my body was becoming more healthy and strong. After a few training session I wanted to take some pics of what i looked like before so down the road i could compare! Boy is it a big change! I weighed about 147 pounds beginning my training. I started to love going to the gym more because I actually saw a change!

It was definitely hard not to eat junk food as much as i did, but i got through it! A couple years later after participating in Field Hockey, wrestling and softball, I took training a little more seriously. Leaving high school left me so much free time. With that i went to the gym 2 hours + a day. I started meeting people who would help me with my workouts and who would give me advice and it was so cool to experience that. Where I am at now is not only the best I have been, but it’s the happiest I have been.


Right now i’m at 125 pounds and I feel amazing!! Giant Fitness has everything I could ever imagine and it’s what I like to call, “My second Home.” The people you meet at giant are so awesome. You will meet so many different breeds of people who have their own goals, and it’s awesome to share something in common with them. You get to see them everyday working on themselves and it honestly makes me want to work harder ! Giant Fitness is the place to be! This gym and the people at this gym, Tyler, Marc, Tom, Jesse, Nick, so many more have helped me get to where I am today. It only gets better from here.


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