Giant Fitness Personal Trainer – Madison Brown

MADISON BROWN | NASM Certified Personal Trainer

What's the biggest fitness mistake people make?

And how do you help them avoid it?

People believing their own excuses for not exercising more and making it to the gym. You have the time! I know it's hard to get into the gym before or after work, but it can be done. I know cardio seems impossible to do when you are tired, but it's possible and I'm here to keep you motivated.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to help my clients avoid failure due to excuses. If a client can only get in the gym at 6 AM, I will be there, even if it's not part of my regular hours. If cardio seems impossible and my client needs a push, I will do the cardio with them. Sometimes all someone needs is a friend to push them, and I am willing to be that friend!
1At which Giant Fitness locations do you train?
Giant Fitness - Woodbury Heights

Monday: 4 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday: 5 pm - 8 pm
Wednesday: 4 pm - 8 pm
Thursday: 5 pm - 8 pm
Friday: 5 pm - 8 pm
2I'm ready to get started. What's your advice?
Everything you have ever wanted is one step outside of your comfort zone. Take that one step, make the call and set up an appointment. We will guide you from there. Everyone starts somewhere, and what better time to start than now.
3What do you do with your time when you’re not at the gym?
When I am not working in the gym, I spend an hour or two there working out myself. I am also about to finish my Bachelor's degree in psychology. After graduation, I am going back to school to become a neuropsychologist, so a huge amount of my time is spent studying and reading.
4What's your favorite quote or mantra?
Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

There are short-term and long-term goals. To achieve the bigger long-term fitness goal, I help each client set up a series of tailored short-term goals that can be achieved weekly and monthly. Achieving those short-term goals helps the client see that they are making progress. With that progress comes the “I CAN” mindset, and when an individual believes in themselves, they create their own internal motivation. Motivation comes from within; it is my job as personal trainer to help each client find and grow that motivation.

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